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RustScan is a modern take on the port scanner. Sleek & fast. All while providing extensive extendability to you.

Not to mention RustScan uses Adaptive Learning to improve itself over time, making it the best port scanner for you.


Rustscan can be downloaded from github as a .deb for installation on debian based systems such as Kali & Ubuntu.

sudo dpkg -i Downloads/rustscan_version_amd64.deb


  • Quick Scan
rustscan -a {IP-ADDRESS}
  • Increase ulimit to increase rustscan speed ( note: this can hurt target server )
rustscan -a {IP-ADDRESS} --ulimit {limit}
  • Passing arguments to nmap
rustscan -a {IP-ADDRESS} -- {NMAP-ARGUMENTS}


rustscan -a ctfbox --ulimit 10000 -- -sC -sV -oA output -A -v
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